• Shoots Peastone, Topsoil, Sand, #57 Stone, Any Loose Aggregate
  • We Can Place Up To 9 Tons Per Minute – 200- 1,000 Tons Per Days
  • Placing Distance for Material: 15’ – 120’
  • Hard To Reach Areas
  • We Can Gently Place Material on Pond Liners
  • Highways, Pump Stations, Bridge Work, Ponds, Steep Slopes, Gas Stations, Solar Farms, Underground Tanks, Etc.
  • Multiple Machines for Tight Scheduled Jobs

Soil Erosion

MRM can install over 5,000 feet of ‎Filtrexx SiltSoxx per day, replacing silt fence with a more durable, longer lasting product in all sizes from 8″ diameter up to 36″ diameter. Also, we have 100% biodegradable material when you are working on slopes or in the middle of a muddy pipeline job. We can place filter sock just about anywhere.


  • Landfill Cell Construction
  • Flood barriers, quick deploy
  • Erosion Control
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Curb Backfill
  • Retaining Wall Backfill
  • Trench Backfill
  • Topsoil

For landfill cell construction our tracked stone slingers come in handy with only 7 psi of ground pressure and we can place material 80 – 100 feet away at a rate of 9 tons per minute.